Its the USAPA Nationals!!!

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The USAPA National Championships, once held at Palm Creek in Casa Grande Arizona, have moved to Indian Wells California.  That’s old news for a lot of folks.  What is exciting to me is that on September 5th of this year, Margaritaville was named as the title sponsor for the 2018 edition of the tournament.

As Pickleball is growing in popularity, the US Open made big moves in recent years and positioned itself as the premier tournament in the nation.  With Minto as their title sponsor they have attracted the best players in the Americas to come and play.  Now the USAPA National Championships have made a similarly if not more impressive move.  By moving to the Indian Wells, located within a 4-hour drive from large populations in California, Arizona, and Nevada, they capture the base of players that reside in the west side of the country. 

More impactful is that Indian Wells is a world class facility and with the Margaritaville partnership, the tournament has set itself to challenge and compete head to head with the US Open.  As each competes in the near future to outdo each other for the title of premier pickleball tournament in the country, the result can only be good for the sport and for all of us who play.  Whether you play in tournaments or not, the coming of age of the sport into mainstream will benefit all players.  As a newer member of the Pickleball community, I look forward with excitement to the coming years as popularity in the sport grows.  Hang on…it’s going to be fun!



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