Pickleball is Back (in Arizona)

Good times have returned to Arizona.  Not only has the weather subsided here in the desert.  Gone are the temperature highs of 115 degrees.  Here to stay is the beautiful fall weather of 80 degrees!  Like an avid bird watcher, I have lurked my neighborhood and have spotted my first Saskatchewan and Minnesota license plates!  Soon our neighborhood grocery store will be packed with more out of state plates than Arizona plates.

That means one thing…more pickleball players!!!  While the numbers are still low, it will only be a short while before you must wait your turn to get on a court.  And that is a welcome site.  This past weekend also kicked off the Arizona season for tournaments. 

Yes, we have had our share of tourneys over the summer, but bulk of the season starts now.  Last weekend we had the Catalina Pickleball Mixer in Tucson, next week will the Vistancia PB Tournament in Peoria, and the week after that the SPA Monster Smash in Surprise…all Arizona tourneys.  And the list just goes on and on into a litany of playing opportunities if you are up for them.

My advice is get your stretching and hydrating going, dust off your paddles and shine your shoes, and find yourself a local court and get ready to play because the good times are on their way back!

I have a mistress…her name is Pickleball and Pickleball Accessories 🙁

From: The Pickle Bob Book of Wisdom

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A pickleball player with who has become infatuated with the game.

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