Trilogy at Verde River Tournament

Trilogy at Verde River

Two weeks ago, my wife and I had the opportunity to play in the Trilogy at Verde River Tournament.  I have played other organized sports in my life, and also attended countless events in my children’s past endeavors.  Generally you find yourself fully aware that you are attending as a 3rd party to the event.

This was not the case at the Verde River Tournament as once again I was impressed with the Pickleball community.  The tournament hosts were friendly and super accommodating.  I found that the host volunteers genuinely happy and themselves grateful at our attendance.  The tournament provided a fabulous lunch and all day refreshments.   

The hospitality was only equaled by the tournament attendees.  Smiles were found a plenty.  I did not meet one individual who was not happy to talk Pickleball or provide any kind of assistances needed.  The games were cordial and competitive.  If you have not found time to attend a tournament, I highly recommend it!  While the competitive environment gave me a nervous energy, I found that it challenged my game and that it made me a better player for having experienced the tournament.       

As a final bonus, we were able to place bronze in the mixed doubles 3.0 category.  Once again, I highly recommend you find the time to attend a tournament this coming year.  If you have never attended a tournament, I will walk you through some pointers in my next posting.

Trilogy at Verde River Medals

When you play Pickleball…your toes hurt 😦

From: The Pickle Bob Book of Wisdom   

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  1. Congratulations you two…. we knew you could do it. Dave and I have registered to play together in the mixed doubles in the West Kelowna Super Seniors tournament. It is a first time tournament in our area and will be our first one in mixed doubles. Keep the posts coming. Miche & Dave

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